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You have discovered the amazing Blog Tides website that delves into the subjects that relate to positively moving forward in all aspects of life, attaining financial freedom and happiness in all that you do!

The purpose of this website is to teach and inform visitors about how to make money online working from home in today's fast-paced environment.

"Time and tide wait for no man" and the author won't wait for anyone with a blinkered view of the world that refuses to move forward and learn new things as they become known.

The tide moves relentlessly just as any person has the ability to create new things from their imagination simply because they have one and are prepared to use it.

When is a Blog not a Blog?

blog tidesThe astute among you may have noticed this site doesn't really look much like the accepted style of a Wordpress blog, or any other blogging platform powered database based blog.

That's because it isn't a Content Management System (CMS)-powered blog. It's actually a static HTML site.

Why is it called a "blog" when it's not really a blog?

Well, that depends on what you expect a blog to be. Most bloggers rely on popular blogging platforms to serve their pages and posts and make it easy by providing a handy visual editor and posting button.

Not me. I used to, but I got fed up with the constant barrage of hacking attempts aimed at the database. This is apparently not as difficult to crack open as you might believe, at least not for a seasoned hacker with lots of clever software tools at their disposal.

So I ditched the CMS and reverted the site back to basics. Flat files that don't need a MYSQL database and low overheads, such as no login or admin function.

There are no folders full of of strange-looking files that I have no idea what they're there for. And there are no blasted plugins that the creators often conveniently leave security holes in for the aforementioned hacking fraternity to breach.

Lastly, there are no regular updates that change this or that aspect of the admin functions that I get all comfortable with, only to make it near on impossible to do what I did the day before with ease and instead I get headaches trying to figure stuff out that I should not need to be trying to figure out if some clever clogs didn't change something for the sake of changing it!

If you get the feeling that I don't much like blogging platforms and especially Wordpress, you'd be right!

Where are the old Multi-User Blogs?

Once upon a time (several years ago) I created this site to be a multi-user blog host. That allowed a bunch of people to create their own blogs on the back of this domain.

There were not all that many, but maybe a couple of dozen of the things.

Most were junk, but some were actually pretty good. I saved the good ones and I'm going through the process of reintroducing them here as categories or sub-folders as long as they relate to the world of making money, achieving success or personal development in the financial and freedom areas of life.

Keep an eye on the space below this for the titles as they appear!