Ways to Make Money Online

Many people these days are all clambering over each other to try to make money online, but in their mad scramble they don't pay enough attention to what they should be paying attention to.

There are several legitimate ways to make money online, so lets look at what these are so you don't go following a trail that will lead you nowhere.

When you work at home, you still need to get into the right frame of mind, which is one of getting some work done.

It's great to know that you aren't fighting your way through the rush hour traffic or slowly being crushed to death on the subway to get to a city office to work for a boss who probably couldn't care less about you as long as you get your work done.

ways to make moneyFor which you'll get paid a wage and the company will doubtless make many times that for your sweat. So stop dwelling on how lucky you now are to be your own boss and start acting like one.

You might be the boss, but you're also the employee, coffee maker, accountant, lawyer, general dogsbody and decision maker all rolled into one. So the most important decision you can make is to decide that you are going to work hard in order to make your home business succeed.

Money Making Methods

To earn cash from the Internet, you really need to have or learn the skills necessary to either provide a saleable service to businesses that need it, or go all out to sell or promote third party products or services.

So, here are some legitimate ways to make money online.

1. Content Writing

This involves you writing for other people, usually web content that you are paid for by the word. A couple of years ago, this was quite lucrative and you could easily write articles and command 5c a word even from content brokering sites like Constant Content.

However, just like every good idea, it got killed by an influx of cheap content writers from the Far East who could undercut western writers easily as the cost of living in their countries is much lower, so it became not uncommon to find English speaking content writers capable of working for 1c a word or even less for bulk orders.

The quality of the English is of course suspect at best, but when you are only looking for relevant content to fill your site with to satisfy the search engines thirst for it, this is good enough. You can still find writing gigs that'll pay your price for good quality, but these are getting harder to find.

2. Freelancing

As with writing content, you can freelance as a software developer, website builder or enhancer, app developer, graphics designer or make use of a whole host of other skills that companies need and will pay for.

This method of making money should be treated more as a job than a business, since you are effectively working for each contract you fulfil with a company that has engaged your services or skills.

2. Selling a Product

This is the conventional way of running any business and involves you selling products using a website as your shop window.

This is called e-commerce and many people have become wealthy from getting into the right business at the right time. Big sites like Amazon who sell just about everything imaginable have evolved over many years, but there are small businesses selling small niche market products springing up all the time.

Unfortunately, most of them die a swift death soon after because they didn't do their market research well enough and no one bought their stuff, or no one found their website. This leads us nicely onto the next point.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of causing a website to rise to the first page in the search engine index for search terms that lots of people search on.

If they are terms that involve the buying of a product or a service, then to get your website on top of the serps (search engine results pages) can bring you a good stream of paying customers.

If your website is e-commerce, you can see how this would bring your business success. There are also other ways of making money from a website as I'll point out.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is a form of making money where you use your website to promote products and/or services sold by other people/vendors.

The trick here is to send targeted visitors to their sales sites via clicking an affiliate link or ad banner hosted on a page on your website or blog. For every sale they make from a visitor that you sent, you get paid a commission.

5. PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way of making money from a site using a third party advertising medium such as Adsense, Mediavine, Ezoic etc.

These companies serve ads on your website and when visitors click them, you get paid an amount depending upon the value of the ad. This method can be quite lucrative if you already have a high level of targeted traffic coming to your website.


Either of these last two methods are a great way to make money from the Internet as long as you get the traffic to your website from the search engines.

That doesn't mean you can attract a load of social visitors from sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc and expect to make a lot of money.

That doesn't always work and the reason it doesn't work is because in the main, social traffic rarely clicks on ads. That's because they're not there to buy stuff, they're there to interact with friends and family.

But that's a topic for a future post as this one has got quite long enough.


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