Welcome to Blog Tides, the success and achievement oriented blog that isn't quite a blog in the popular sense, but is in reality a blog with something of a difference!

What is Blog Tides all about?

It's about striving for the best that can be strived for in life, whether that is in financial terms, personal growth and success or happiness and fulfilment. In its new format, it will provide the reader with articles on these very subjects.

Where is the Old Blog?

The old blog was set up as a Wordpress Multi-User host, allowing different users to create their own blogs on a variety of subjects. Some of them were very good and provided a good level of quality and information.

Others were not so good and were produced using badly formatted content (mostly barely legible spun text taken from other published works). These were deleted as they served no useful function.

As time went by, the functionality of the blog host became unreliable and the platform was not secure enough to keep it going without investing a lot of time and energy, two resources that are valuable and limited. I decided to terminate the old blog and resurrect it in this new format.

Some of the good content from the old blogs has been saved and will be re-published in static format when time permits!