Boost Your Income with Adsense

You may have noticed that here, the primary aim is to impart knowledge on how to achieve an income from the Internet by using a variety of methods, otherwise known as multiple streams of income.

I talk about multiple streams of income because it is important to realize that the Internet is constantly evolving and growing.

What makes money today may not make money tomorrow, while new ways of generating an income online are continuously being developed.

One of the more constant sources of online income is that which is derived from Google's Adsense program.

What is Adsense?

google adsenseFew Internet Marketers don't know what Adsense is, so I'll skip the introductions and get straight on to the meat and two veg.

Many Internet marketers have tried Adsense and failed to make more than a few dollars in a year, thus labeling it a total failure as regards to a money making system.

But they missed some important points along the way which could have transformed their meager scrapings into a veritable waterfall of easy to earn cash.

So what did they miss?

The value of traffic and keyword optimization.

Two things that will help you to know how to make money online with Adsense are targeted traffic and keyword optimization of your site serving the ads. Together, these two fundamental principals combine to catapult a badly performing site into a goldmine. So how is it done?

Targeted Traffic

First you need a website for visitors to land on and it should live on the best web hosting you can afford. Then you need to attract targeted traffic before you even think about serving these kinds of ads on your site.

That traffic must come from the search engines. Social traffic is not targeted and rarely clicks ads in any case. So you need to have your site rank in the major search engines (preferably Google, which provides the majority of all search traffic) for its main and long tail keywords.

I'm not going to give a lecture on keywords right here. Internet marketers know what they are and how to research them and make use of them. If you don't, you need to learn that part first.

I have posted a link above to another site of mine where you will be able to find plenty of information on keywords. There, you'll also learn about how to rank your site high in the SERPs for its keywords. Go there and then come back here for more information specific to Adsense.

Authority for your Site

In the meantime, while you are waiting for Google to give your site authority so that it will rank high in the index, you need to be writing original posts focused on your main topic and optimized for your keywords.

The keywords need to feature in your site title, site header, post titles, post subtitles and in the content at a density of below 2%.

Any more than 2% and you risk being penalized for keyword stuffing, so keep an eye on it. By writing long posts, naturally you will be less likely to keyword stuff while still being able to include lots of long tail versions of your keywords.

If you've noticed, I write long winded posts. Now you know why!

Once you are on page one of Google for some of your keywords, you should be seeing a flow of targeted traffic. Once that becomes steady, you can ad Adsense ads to your site.

If you've optimized your posts and your site correctly, the most relevant ads should show up almost immediately. That means the Adsense bots have successfully categorized your site and you will get the most relevant ads.

Real Visitors Clicking Ads

Assuming the search traffic is showing up looking for what your site is optimized for, a reasonable percentage of them should click your ads. An average click through rate (CTR) is around 3% but can go up to as much as 10% if you have some really good ads.

This is rare, but but possible.

Depending upon your niche, the value of each click is determined by several factors. Position of the ad in the ad block is side specific and reads top as the most valuable, going down to last being least valuable. The amount the advertiser pays per click also determines what you get, which is a percentage of what they pay.


Again optimization plays a big part with both you as publisher and the advertiser.

If the advertiser's sales site is well optimized for the keywords they are bidding on, they will pay the going rate for the keyword. If it is not well optimized, they will pay a lot more per click, which means you will be paid a lot more for it if you send people to the advertiser's site.

If the visitor you send over then converts by making a purchase from the advertiser's sales site, then Google will serve you more of the high paying ads because your conversion rate is better. The better your conversion rate, the more high paying ads will be served on your site for the niche.

If your visitors that click the ads do not convert, you will be served lower value ads and you will not make as much. Fail to convert at all and you will eventually be served up the 3c clicks and you will have to make some changes to rectify the problem.


So there it is, how to make money online with Adsense demystified from the viewpoint of an experienced marketer.

If you have to ask the question "why isn't this site ranked well for the keyword: Make Money Online," you are missing the point that this site is in the one niche that is very difficult to crack and has probably more knowledgeable competitors than any other.

It only exists as a vehicle for me to share my knowledge and part of that is knowing that you are much better off targeting niches that are far less competitive. Once you find them, NEVER reveal them to any other Internet marketer if you don't want any competition stealing your traffic, because that's what will happen.

This is a business and there are no friends in business.

Remember that, and then go make plenty of friends, because although you will not be able to trust all but a few of them, you will need friends online to exchange links and ideas with.


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