Affiliate Marketing

There are some basic things to be aware of with marketing affiliate products from your website or blog these days, especially in light of the several major changes in the way the search engines view your site and its content.

This short post takes a brief look at what changes you need to make to comply with what the search engines expect to see in websites and how you can minimize the risks of being penalized for having too many ads and not enough content.

Website Content Changes

The first major change you need to make if you have been operating thin sites is to flesh those sites out with original content.

If the pages displaying affiliate ads are all about the ads and there are plenty of them on the page, you need to cut down the number of ads to maybe two or three max. If there is less than 400 words in the form of a review, you should really only have two or one affiliate ad on there.

If your sidebar is loaded up with ads as well, you might want to par those down severely. The whole operation here is to reduce the number of ads showing on any page to three or less.

As to content, longer reviews are better and best are those written in your own hand, by yourself. Google are spending a lot of money paying outsourcers to manually check websites for quality and if they come across your, which they will do sooner rather than later, then you had better show them a site that speaks quality or face life in the poor (I mean no money) regions of the index!

If your site or blog is all product review pages with every page having affiliate links, then write some articles on the subject of the products you are promoting and leave them free of all affiliate links. This shows the search engines that you are working towards providing a useful user experience by providing useful information on the products without the big sell.


You can avoid many of the penalties that are being handed out to affiliate sites these days by boosting the quality of your own site so that is becomes a place that you would be proud to have your mom visit and read through for a while, and then tell you that she got a lot out of the site!

It makes a big difference and its worth investing some time and effort to create a space in the online ether that is worthy of you and worthy of the visitors you are hoping to attract.

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