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When you work at home to generate your full-time income, there needs to be a lot of things to consider in order to make it work and be successful.

In this section of the website, I take this topic of working from home and look at the many ways in which it can be made as motivational while also being enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Of course there are many advantages as well as some drawbacks to working out of a spare room converted to an office in your home, so let's touch on those.

Pros and Cons of Working at Home


work at homeThe main advantages of working in your own home for me are mainly to do with what I'm not required to do in a company office environment. These include:

The dramatic reduction in stress is also a major advantage of working for myself and not for a corporation.


If there are any drawbacks to working from home, I can't actually think of any from my own point of view. But I can see there would be some for others, so here are a few:

For many people, going it alone can be a bit scary and the lack of personal interaction with other people in a working environment can be tough on some people. It can actually be a bit stressful when trying to make money online while working for yourself at home.

Specialized Subjects

I've been thinking on some ideas for this blog and it struck me that there is a lot of scope for expansion into the areas of specialized topics.

I've noticed a lot of sites or blogs appearing that have taken the stance that they will grow by accepting guest posters to boost the site's page count and content volume. That's good from the user point of view as it provides search traffic with a more worthwhile landing page where there is relevant and hopefully interesting and well written content for them to read.

Will I be doing this here on this site?

I'm considering it as an option for boosting the site's content for sure, but there is one drawback that I can see. That is one of trust.

Expanding Your Network

Generally, bloggers are looking out for one person, and that's themselves. So when they get a chance to guest post on someone else's blog, they are going to place at least one link in that post back to their own blog.

Now I don't believe there's anything wrong with that and it's the least the hosting blog can do for getting some free content.

But that trust is more often than not abused by the posting blogger. Horror stories abound, where the guest posts a badly spun article that is showing up on a multitude of other blogs, thereby attracting a duplicate content penalty for the hosting blog. Then their linking strategy leaves a lot to be desired.

Why bloggers think that they have to place three links in every post they submit to other blogs is beyond me!

That practice screams "paid post" to the search engines who will come looking to scrutinize the hosting blog and maybe even give it a penalty. Whether the links are to legitimate sites is another cause for concern.

Some bloggers who submit bad articles all over the place are little more than spammers themselves and care not one whit that they might also be linking to bad neighborhood sites. When that happens, the host site could end up with a penalty or worse, like getting de-indexed from the search index for its trouble.

No Guest Positing Here

So allowing guest posters on here at the moment is not all that attractive to me. Unless there is an easy way to moderate what is being posted, I'm not interested in hosting duplicate garbage that is full of links to other people's unrelated blogs.

So my alternative is to write my own articles, which is what I do anyway, being a writer! To this end, I don't have to link out to anywhere if I don't want to and I know my content is original, relevant and interesting.

So I have made a tentative start by creating the first of my topics with an article, called "Time and Tide" following which I will publish a series of articles related to the genre of working from home. Once done, I'll move onto another topic and build up that way.

Sure, it's slower and more ponderous and it'll likely take a while to build this site up to anything like the content powerhouse it'll need to be in order to rank well in the search engines for the terms it will be targeting. But at least it'll be all me and under my control.


Working at home on a blog or website to make an income can be greatly rewarding for a variety of reasons.

They include being able to set your own working hours, no commuting and being able to work in a comfortable environment where there is no boss looking over your shoulder.

For me, these are the most prominent advantages of being a home worker and I'll continue to do this for as long as I possibly can.

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