Compliance with Quality Guidelines

Here at Blog Tides, I'm as concerned as anyone else that all blogs created on this host are of good standard and comply with Google's quality guidelines.

When everything is ship shape and orderly, then there can be no reason for getting your blog penalized or even de-indexed from the search engine's pages.

So here are some thing you can do to make sure your blog is clean and compliant:


Write good, readable and relevant content in your blog. This is probably one of Google's main reasons for indexing your blog and placing it in the index, because their aim is to bring quality to the people searching their index.

While we know having lots of quality backlinks is also a deciding factor in getting good placement in the SERPs, this is part of SEO and nothing to do with Google's quality guidelines. So do your blog a favour and write some good articles!

Do link out to authority sites if you make a reference to information that can be found there.

Do make friends with other bloggers in social networks as this will bring you valuable links to increase the authority of your blog.

Do optimize your blog for its main and long tail keywords so that you'll feature in the right place in Google's index.


Don't go linking to bad neighbourhood websites/blogs. This is one of the fastest ways of getting your blog de-indexed because Google hates spam as much as you do.

Don't put up paid links. If you do, you'll get found out and penalized for doing so.

Don't keyword stuff your posts. Too high a density of keywords will trigger a flag that could prevent your post being indexed and could hurt the SERPs placement of your blog.

Don't duplicate content from other blogs. This is plagiarizing and no one likes a thief. You could also be violating copyright laws so don't do it.

Write your own articles or at least re-write other peoples' so the finished item will pass Copyscape. You could always get a ghost writer to write your content for you as well, as long as its original.

Ok, these are the main points that will keep your blog above board and legitimate. As long as you keep Google happy, they will be kind to you and your blog can go far with plenty of work from you.

So don't go and spoil it by doing something stupid!


When this post was first published back in 2009, this blog was set up as a host for multi-blogs that could be created by anyone.

However, I limited signups to people I knew via one or two make money online forums that I belonged to, so at least I would have some idea who I was letting my space out to. Even then, people who knew and respected me were not all as conscientious as I was about creating quality content.

So I made it clear that I would only accept content that would pass Google's quality guidelines.

Today (in 2024), those guidelines have evolved to elevate what they like to call "helpful content" above what might be considered merely "run of the mill."

The criteria for this type of content is, I find rather draconian and not necessarily conducive to being entertaining as well as factual and readable all at the same time. I find it more restrictive than it needs to be and quite frankly, I feel it treats people like they're intellectually lacking, which I don't think is very fair.

While I'm entitlied to my opinion, it doesn't hold a lot of weight, but at least I can have my say on my own web property.


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