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Make Use of All The Search Engines

Posted on July 29, 2009
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So where are we now? It seems that blogs are cleaned up and looking better, which after all is what you want them to be in order to rank them well in the search engine index for the various search engines. I mention these because you have to remember that Google is not the only search engine that brings traffic to your blog.

Ok, its the major search engine, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking there is anything better out there for generating targeted traffic to your blog. But the other contenders such as Yahoo, Bing and Ask are all places to get traffic from, even if its far lower in volume. And here’s the rub.

While you’re working your asses off to get ranked well over at Google, you’re up against a shed load of competition all trying to do the same thing. The result is that your blog is not going to rank well to begin with and it will take a fair amount of time before it does. In the meantime, the other search engines are largely ignored by the kind of people who know how to rank well in Google’s pages.

That means you can rank well in Yahoo or Bing etc fairly quickly and somewhat easier and still attract some target traffic which you can convert into dollars at your blog. So don’t dis-count the other engines when you’re doing all the things you need to do in order to rank well in the SERPs. They can step in and provide you with a source of income, albeit a trickle when compared with the potential of Google, but a trickle is better than nothing, right?


Compliance with Quality Guidelines

Posted on June 8, 2009
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Here at BlogTides, we’re as concerned as anyone else that all blogs created on this host are of good standard and comply with Google’s quality guidelines. When everything is ship shape and orderly, then there can be no reason for getting your blog penalized or even de-indexed from the search engine’s pages. So here are some thing you can do to make sure your blog is clean:


Write good, readable and relevant content in your blog. This is probably one of Google’s main reasons for indexing your blog and placing it in the index, because their aim is to bring quality to the people searching their index. While we know having lots of quality backlinks is also a deciding factor in getting good placement in the SERPs, this is part of SEO and nothing to do with Google’s quality guidelines. So do your blog a favour and write some good articles!

Do link out to authority sites if you make a reference to information that can be found there.

Do make friends with other bloggers in social networks as this will bring you valuable links to increase the authority of your blog.

Do optimize your blog for its main and long tail keywords so that you’ll feature in the right place in Google’s index.


Don’t go linking to bad neighbourhood websites/blogs. This is one of the fastest ways of getting your blog de-indexed because Google hates spam as much as you do.

Don’t put up paid links. If you do, you’ll get found out and penalized for doing so.

Don’t keyword stuff your posts. Too high a density of keywords will trigger a flag that could prevent your post being indexed and could hurt the SERPs placement of your blog.

Don’t duplicate content from other blogs. This is plagiarizing and no one likes a thief. You could also be violating copyright laws so don’t do it. Write your own articles or at least re-write other peoples’ so the finished item will pass Copyscape. You could always get a ghost writer to write your content for you as well, as long as its original.

Ok, these are the main points that will keep your blog above board and legitimate. As long as you keep Google happy, they will be kind to you and your blog can go far with plenty of work from you. So don’t go and spoil it by doing something stupid!


How to Make Money Online with Adsense

Posted on May 2, 2009
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Hi everyone, here’s a follow up to the last post where I outlined the basics of how to make money online with your free blog. This post deals specifically with the Adsense aspect as your blogs are equipped with a way to easily add Adsense code to them using the revenue sharing tab.

To ad Adsense to your free BlogTides blog, simply go to the Revenue Sharing tab in your WordPress control panel and type in your own Adsense publisher id, check the “activate” box and you’re done! Yes, its that simple!

The hard part follows because that’s here you have to do this intelligently in order to convert the ad box that is displayed on the front page of your blog into clicks. Clicks then convert into cash, but not just any old clicks.

I talked before about optimizing your blog for the specific keywords its targeting in order to rank in the search engines to attract that all-important organic targeted traffic to your blog. Well, this is doubly true of attracting the best ads that pay the highest CPC (Cost Per Click).

If you don’t optimize your blog title, post titles post subtitles and content for your keywords, you will risk being served irrelevant ads, which visitors will not click on because they will not be related to the search terms they found yoru site for. Worse, is that the clicks you do get will also be irrelevant and lead to you getting PSA (Public Service Ads) which pay three cents a click.

So always use your keywords in your Blog title, post titles, post subtitles and liberally spread throughout the text of each post (but don’t exceed 5% keyword density or you may incur a drop in rankings). That way you ensure you get the best, most relevant ads served on your blog, which your targeted traffic are more likely to click on and most importantly are most likely to convert for the advertiser. When that happens a lot, you’ll get served the top paying ads, which will make you even more money.

So there it is in a very small nutshell, how to make money online with Adsense using your free BlogTides blog. So make sure its a good one!


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