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Moving Servers

Posted on May 25, 2010
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Hi everyone, this is just a short note to let everyone know that we are moving servers today and that your blogs may not be available for a few hours while this takes place.

To be on the safe side, please do not update your blogs today or within 24 hours of this notice – to give everything a chance to settle down after the database has been moved.

You should be fine to log in tomorrow and everything should seem the same as it was.

The only difference is that some of the old themes will no longer be there while some new ones have been added. So if you display your blog and you get a white screen in your browser, you need to log in via

and change your theme to one from the list.


The Revenue Sharing Aspect

Posted on March 26, 2010
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This site, being the host of a group of user blogs has a revenue share aspect built in that you are probably already aware of in that you can choose to display PPC ads from Adsense or Chitika, contextual ads from Kontera or even affiliate ads from Amazon if you wish. There is also a section for eBay, but as they changed the rules disallowing affiliates from displaying ads on domains they don’t directly own, you shouldn’t be showing them on your blogtides blog.

They way it works is that whatever ads you display on your blogs, you get 80% of the revenue, with 20% going to the admin account as a small token of appreciation for the provision of this blogging platform.

Just today, I and I imagine all publishers of Chitika ads got an email pointing out changes to the rules, the basic point being that your domains now must be approved to display Chitika ads. This is a good thing, as it will weed out MFA sites and ensure their ads are only displayed on legit, worthwhile sites.

The reason for bringing this up in a post is that there seems to have been a problem with the revenue share plugin we are using which was not allowing those ads to display, meaning Chitika was not seeing any activity from this domain and so have not approved it. So we have to go through the approval process before we can display their ads and that includes all of the blogs hosted here. The plugin has now been updated and we’ll just have to wait awhile before we get the thumbs up to carry on with business as usual.

In the meantime, of course you can use Adsense, Kontera and Amazon as before. Make sure that your individual blogs are active if you have the revenue share active for Chitika to make sure they approve all subdomain blogs along with the host.


Time and Tide

Posted on January 27, 2010
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Hi there, and its well past time for another post on here. As managing the time spent in the different areas of this business can be a little difficult, I thought a timely article for the new year would be about the way we use our time and if it can be used any more effectively when we work at home.

Well, the first thing that springs to mind from my own point of view is that I’m a terrible time manager. I’m sure there are plenty of good time managers out there that would simply tell me to do this or that and my time will be much more efficiently used. Problem is that I am not a structured person in that respect, I’m more creative. That means I naturally resist any attempts to structure my time. I’ve tried it in the past when I worked in IT and it was a disaster. I wasted more time in writing down and calculating what I was supposed to be doing with my time than what I was actually doing with it!

There are different types of people in this world and what you have to understand is that we all work our own way. Round holes, square pegs and all that. The people who advocate time management are generally the kind of people who work really well with that model. Its perfect for their needs and they are most efficient when they are managing their time to a tight schedule.

Other people, like myself, are the opposite and actually work less efficiently when we are restricted in that way. So is there another solution?

Yes and no.

It all depends on how well you can stick with a project and not need to continually flit between several different ones through boredom. I find that I can stay with one project for a while before I get fed up and want to do something different. So to use my time as efficiently as is possible for my way of being, I try to start the day working on the project that is most important to me. I stick at it for as long as I’m able and then take a break. Then I move on with a second project until I get fed up and take a break.

This might sound horrendously inefficient to the time manager types, but it works for me and that’s far better than the alternative. So if you are having issues with your time, then you first have to figure out what works best for you and then go with it no matter what anyone else says.

Only you know how you work the best and anyone else is only coming at it from their own perspective, which may not match yours! Stay successful!


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