There are many aspects to being labeled as being handicapped, or more politically correctly a person with disabilities, that affect many areas of life from the kind of mobility and accessibility issues that able bodied people take for granted, to transportation and generally enjoying as normal a life as is possible depending upon the nature and severity of the disability.

This article and sub-set of articles will deal with those many different aspects that can be labeled under various headings. We will therefore be looking into the various transportation issues such as handicap vans and other specially adapted and customized vehicles, to the personal mobility vehicles such as the very popular handicap scooters, or mobility scooters as they otherwise called.

We will also be looking into the accessibility issues such as public buildings and handicap ramps fitted to places that make entry and exit easier for wheelchair users or those that have partial mobility and walk with the aid of walking frames or other supports such as crutches or walking sticks.

We will be looking at annoyances such as the lack or abuse of handicap parking spaces in parking lots. We will also be taking a look at facilities such as handicapped bathrooms and rest rooms that are specially designed for use by wheelchair users and those with other physical impairments that make using regular facilities uncomfortable or difficult.

We’ll be looking at the home and the accessibility within, from home stair chair lifts and wheelchair lifts to domestic handicap bathrooms or handicap showers and all the accessories and necessary fittings that go with them.

All in all, we will be expanding upon these and other subjects of relevance to those with certain disabilities and looking at ways that improvements or modifications can be made to make life easier and more dignified while maintaining functionality and usability.