Okay, apologies for the delay in following up on the server move, but it happened and went pretty much without too many problems. All blogs were moved successfully across and it looks like everything is where it should be.

So if anyone has any problems, please contact admin via the forum and let us know.

So, what next? Well, its business as usual for most people and their blogs, so if you’ve been keeping your own blog up to date with fresh, original and readable content and building backlinks the right way, then you should, by now be seeing some improvement in serps rankings and traffic increase.

The whole idea is to get ranked well in the search engines to attract that all important traffic to your blogs so that people can find you and read what you have to tell them about your subject of expertise. If you can monetize that traffic with PPC or affiliate products, so much the better so you can make money online. After all, why else would anyone want to write a blog if they weren’t going to earn any income for their efforts?

Keep up the good work and keep those posts coming because the more content you get onto your blogs and the more pages you can get indexed, the more authority you will gain for your blog and that can only be good for you, your blog and your online business!

In the immortal words of whoever said them, you can never fail if you never give up, so… never give up!